Press Kit


   Flewit Music was devised in 2012 after Eddie “Flewit” Mitchell and Ty Reed’s debut music video for their song “Baby Girl” became a local hit. Flewit and Ty Reed later co-created the band ‘The Cords,’ who won the Baldwin County Star Search in 2013. The Cords had their final performance at the Ravenite in Fairhope, Alabama, when they opened for the reunion of the 80’s hair metal band, Strayt Jacket. After the break up of The Cords, Flewit began producing solo albums for Ty Reed, Datboy Ye, and himself. The music they have created over the years has an unmatched level of diversity and power. With everything from hard core rock n’ roll, to classic hip-hop, to ultra modern EDM, to folk music, and more, Flewit Music and Shagomega have covered an enormous amount of artistic ground over the years. On the verge of a breakthrough, with more than one hundred completely original songs released, Flewit Music is going to absolutely demolish artistic competition in the coming years.


Eddie “Flewit” Mitchell, founder, owner, producer, and artist at Flewit Music has been indulging in art and media production since the age of 10, starting with short action/comedy films, and later moving on to music and music video production. As the son of a rock and roll singer, Flewit’s interest in music has been deeply ingrained into his being, sparking a natural craving to produce unique and powerful music that is both thought provoking and emotionally moving. Over the years, Flewit has released six solo albums and a number of singles, and has produced a total of nine full length LPs including his own. Utilizing the skill he acquired in his earlier days, Flewit has also filmed, directed, and edited more than ten music videos for the artists at Flewit Music and himself. With his concise and heavy driven delivery, and his comprehensive sprawl across many different genres, Flewit’s music is a deep, mindful artistic terrain ready to be explored.


Ty Reed, former frontman for The Cords and creator of Shagomega, has a profound sense of creativity and versatility. As a psychedelic hard rock singer/songwriter with reggae and hip-hop ties, Reed displays an unmatched ability to bring a number of genres together in a manner anyone can appreciate. Reed’s debut album ‘The Soup’ exemplifies his strengths in songwriting, originality, diversity, and delivery, and proves his unwavering influence on the production process. An unpredictable force of nature to be reckoned with, Ty Reed’s energy and stamina will move crowds and shake arenas with everything from hard hitting EDM to grungy, head banging rock and roll.