Flewit Music

Mixing, mastering, and so much more...

Flewit offers many services to make your music release the best it can be, including album/single artwork, uploading to streaming services, and short animations and artwork for your social media pages

Recent Work

Just a taste of the many songs and albums Flewit has worked on. (Click to listen on Spotify)

Strayt Jacket - Committed

Mixing, mastering

Ballastella - Desperately

Recording, mixing, mastering

Shagomega - Shagomega

Recording, mixing, mastering, writing, performing

Ballastella - Enfoire

Recording, mixing, mastering

Nick Park IDM

Vocal mixing, mastering

Sp˄ce - Boost

Composition (collaboration), mixing, mastering, album artwork

Animations for Social Media

With or without audio


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Why Choose Flewit


Flewit has been producing music since 2013.

Hybrid mixing

Flewit uses a combination of analog and in-the-box equipment, but always aims for a touch of analog feel.


Flewit is here to help you achieve the creative vision you're aiming for.


Pricing is project dependent, and Flewit will do what he can to make his work fit your budget.